An operating system for ESG data & analysis tasks, all the way from data collection, processing, to advanced analytics.

With ESGnie, you can source and process unstructured ESG data entirely in-house, more than 100 times faster, all in a manner aligned with your investment thesis.

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Powering ESG Decision Making with AI

Our proprietary AI models are able to turn messy and unstructured data into standardised and meaningful performance metrics, enabling economically relevant and financially material research.

Intelligent search

Intelligent Search

Our powerful ESG-literate AI models annotate corporate disclosures and news by ESG standards to help you sift through irrelevant information to quickly find what is material for investment decision making

Source and Process

Our unstructured data processing AI enables you to extract economically material information from numerous sources of information, including corporate disclosures, news and social media.

No-code Data Science

Our advanced analytics capabilities integrated with various visualisation platforms enable you to create powerful analyses with simple natural language prompts, and visualise data in a manner suited for decision making. Create reports compliant with relevant ESG standards in an interactive and customisable manner.

Actionable Analytics

ESG integrationRisk forecastingMonitor risk exposureDifferentiated investment Auto generated reports

In-depth Data

Leverage granular and in-depth data on companies' ESG and financial metrics.

Mapping to Frameworks

Map any existing data to ESG frameworks, or your own custom taxonomies, for downstream reporting & analysis.

Risk Monitoring

Manage and monitor your  risk exposure in real time, using insights derived from numerous real-time data sources.

Investment research

Speed-up and strengthen your in-house research with powerful data processing & analysis models.

No-code data science

Generate powerful and rigorous data science models with simple natural language prompts.