Powering ESG Decision-Making with A.I.

With ESGnie, funds can enhance in-house ESG research capabilities, customised for their unique strategies.

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Actionable analytics

With ESGnie, you can source and process unstructured ESG data entirely in-house, more than 30 times faster, in a manner aligned with your investment thesis.

Advanced Analytics

Interactive Intelligent Dashboards to Facilitate Decision-Making

With our visualisation platform, you can easily visualise insights in an interactive manner to facilitate smarter decisions, collaborate with teams, engage with clients.


Our Innovative A.I.

Our proprietary A.I. models are able to understand the economic meanings and implications of information, allowing them to identify economically relevant & financially material information.

intelligent search

Our powerful ESG-literate AI models annotate corporate disclosures and news by ESG standards to help you sift through irrelevant information to quickly find what is material for investment decision making.

Source & process
Source and process information

Our unstructured data processing AI enables you to extract economically material information from numerous sources of information, including corporate disclosures, news, and social media.

smart reports

Our visualisation platform enables you to visualise data in a manner suited for decision-making, and create reports compliant with relevant ESG standards, in an interactive and customisable manner.

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